Late 2019 Calgary Real Estate Update

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September 30, 2018

Late 2019 Calgary Real Estate Update

Housing markets across Canada have been on a roll for the past number of years but while many news outlets appear to report only on the top 3, Vancouver, Victoria and Toronto, other communities around Canada, like Calgary, also have experienced tremendous growth within the real estate vertical.

Calgary currently sits at a healthy 1,267,344 residents which is a 1.7% rise from last years consensus reporting of 2017-2018.

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The city of Calgary has a wealth of amenities for all generations and cultures. There’s something for everyone. A few of the most popular activities to enjoy are…

The Calgary Stampede

For 10 days in the heat of the summer in Calgary, people from all over the world are drawn here to witness one of the world’s premiere rodeo celebrations. The Calgary Stampede first started in 1912 and has since evolved and currently (as of 2019) 1,275,465 people attended which is a rise of over 4000 from the attendance of 2018. But the event isn’t just about bucking broncos and wagons, the Calgary Stampede boasts concerts, food to die for and various other specialty events the whole family can enjoy.

The Calgary Tower

Standing proudly over the city at 191m or 627 feet, the Calgary tower provides a birds-eye view of the city and surrounding areas. A great vantage point to orient yourself with the city. There are two observation decks with one for purely taking in the views while the other offers appetizers and cocktails all while taking in the spectacular views across the city from 360 degrees.

Calgary Flames

Hockey is by far the most popular sport in Canada. Actually it is almost religious in its following and fans of the Calgary Flames are no different. In hockey the prize is Lord Stanley’s Cup and in Alberta, there are two cup winning teams, Edmonton and Calgary. The Saddledome is where they play and if you just happen to be in Calgary during hockey season…drop in and checkout one of the fastest most brute games on Earth.

That is but a few of the things you can enjoy in Calgary should you decide to live here. Now what about that housing market?

In 2019 the average home in Calgary will set you back $411,100 which is a huge boost to those who were on the fence about buying a home in Calgary and as such buyers are increasing overall sales.

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The thing though with Calgary is, HOME SALES have hit a 20year low forcing most real estate buyers to focus more on the affordable condo segment. Then again with median prices dropping on homes, this likely will inflate home buyers in the 2020 real estate numbers.

But as always happens, when median prices sink this produces a buyers market of which is expected to last through 2020 baring any sort of substantial central bank decisions or world events.

Here is the link for the Global TV news piece on the Calgary housing market.

A notable segment of the real estate market appears to be the Calgary luxury real estate vertical which in 2019 has shown strong interest from both national and international buyers alike.

Over the past few years actually, we’ve begun to see strong demand for luxury real estate in Calgary. Possibly this is from the fact that the mighty dollar goes further here – meaning you get more for your dollar here than say in the more well known places like Toronto or Vancouver.

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