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The keys to success in investing in real estate

Perform and excel

This is an essential key to success. You yourself should make the necessary steps in making your investment successful. You should do the effort to make it all better. If you want things to be successful then start with yourself. Work your way to success and excel against all odds. Only by then it will feel fulfilling and satisfying.

Focus and calm

Being focused will make it convenient and fast. Investments should be done step by step which needs focus. Focusing one thing at a time will give you smooth progress. Staying calm should be side by side with focus. You should handle everything calmly. This will help you think wise and not be in the panicking state.

Check on the background

Checking on the history or background of the company or the property will help you visualize the good and the bad things about it. Knowing the good and the bad points will be helpful. It will give you a good idea on how to make it better. It will make you be able to visualize what you should strengthen and focus on. Hence, checking on the background to your investments in real estate properties will be necessary.

Have a concrete plan or outline of the investment

A good plan is necessary for success. Having an outline or a concrete plan is a step closer to your goal. This gives you easy and fast procedures of the process. Knowing what you should do in the investment process will make you a polished, fast, and easy progress. This will make all things run smoothly making it a key for success.

Choose a real estate investment according to your function

The investor should consider that the function of his investment will coincide to the property being invested in. It is necessary for the investor to study if the particular property will help and will not hinder its purpose or function. Examples for functions are as follows; agriculture, residential, commercial, business, etc.

Be happy

What is the point of all things if you aren’t happy? Being emotionally healthy is a good way to make things successful. A healthy personality and character tend to be more successful. Also, it gives a good and healthy feeling to pursue and move forward. Real success comes to those who are happy at the end of all things.





Improving Your Real Estate Network

Constantly improving your skills as a commercial real estate agent is every other agent’s goal. While improving one’s network of valuable connections is also equally important in the real estate business.

Improving your network effectively is a self-learned process. Having a sound network is essential for every real estate agent and the need for it cannot be ignored.

Yet there are many realtors and agents out there who do not take advantage of useful people around them only because their network and relationships with them are not strong enough.

Having good bonding with people that have similar interests and work in the same field as yours is something which can be fatal for succeeding in this market.

Everyone is looking for new ways to connect with people in the real estate market these days. Here are some of the tips that can help you build a better team.













Build a Network:
Having people around you that inspire you every day can lead to rapid success. All successful real estate agents have a group of successful people around them that often share healthy competition among themselves.

Everyone in the real estate business performs as well as the surrounding people. Having strong professional relations is important no doubt, but long-lasting relationships with people based on a mutual trustworthiness are the ones that strengthen the community as a whole.

Knowing people and firms that share the same set of progression ideas as yours will help you build a stronger network.
The main purpose of having a strong network is climbing the ladder of success in a market and helping others to grow at the same time.

People would only help when you’d display loyalty and help them out in times of need. So chose your priorities wisely.

Have Presence on the Internet:
“In this era, if you are not on the web, you do not exist.” stated Steve Mattox a Tallahasee commercial real estate professional. “That’s how important having an online presence has become.” he would add.

Marketing your real estate products and services online is important and not many can be successful without it these days.
People are supposed to see all the listings you can offer on the web. That’s the best way of getting your presence known these days.

Bernie Fritze, Realtor – Building Relationships in BC


My experience as a realtor spans more than twenty years. I have put up my own real estate business back in 1993, marketing properties initially in Nanaimo. Since then, I’ve expanded my realty services, traveling to areas here in Vancouver Island to service my clients although I’m always back to my headquarters in Nanaimo.


Many prospective clients have approached me and I’ve discovered in the course of my association with them that a lot are either misinformed or inadequately informed.

My mission is to offer the public the most honest, transparent, and up-to-date information available in the real estate market. This is an assurance that every buyer or seller I engage with are armed with the right data, ensuring they make intelligent decisions. After all, selling or buying a property is no joke. There are risks of course but these can be turned into an advantage and can be managed especially given the right information, correct timing, and guidance of a seasoned realtor.


Technology has helped a lot in growing my business. I have expanded my market reach through my multiple websites. Social media has helped me establish networks both here and abroad. But one secret that I have to share is that I never tire of reaching out and helping those who want to invest (or divest) in the property market. These and building relationships, I believe, beats any marketing strategy.

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